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Our collection of vintage maps fired on to a 10x10 cm earthenware coaster. Each one comes in a gift box.


We stock most of the more popular locations in the UK, and now have several hundred to choose from. They are organized under "London" - that's anywhere within the M25 - "England" "Scotland", "Wales" and  "others" which includes Ireland and other countries. They are in alphabetical order within each of these areas to make them easier to find.


So, for example, if you are looking for a coaster of St Albans, you click on "England  S" and then scroll through until you come to St Albans. 

For some of the London locations it is hard to categorize them, so if you are looking for Brockwell Park, under "London B", and you don't find it, you could also try looking for it as Tulse Hill, under "London T", or Herne Hill, under "London H".


If you don't find the location you want please enter your details and inquire about your postcode at the bottom of this page: We will then email you a scan of the area you have requested for approval and when you are happy with it we will make it for you. This normally takes a couple of weeks maximum, but if you need it in a hurry we will do our best. Because of the extra work involved, the cost for a bespoke coaster is £25 or two for £40.

Map Coasters

St Albans.JPG



Greenwich 1911-13.JPG






Ben Nevis.JPG



Europe 1850's.JPG

other maps





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