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All our prices include UK shipping. If you are abroad we will get in touch and charge you the difference in postage cost. We are a small family business, not a warehouse full of product with a computerized dispatch section. So our customer service is a bit more human than you might expect when ordering online. When you order something if it is in stock we will send it within a couple of days. If it is not we will send you an email, letting you know how long it will take us to make it for you. For bespoke products we will correspond with you about design and delivery dates.


Our bespoke products cannot be returned unless they are faulty, as obviously a map with your house on isn't going to sell to anyone else. That's why we ask you to approve the map before making it.

However for non bespoke products we follow the normal distance selling rules, so let us know by email if you want to return something, and we will go from there. 


We use Paypal connected to this website as a secure way of taking payments. If you  don't like paying online just get in touch and you can pay by bank transfer or cheque.


We are always looking for more independent shops and galleries to stock our work, so please see our wholesale page if interested. 

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